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Riverside County's Best Choice for All Your Landscape Maintenance Needs

BluCrew Landscape is a family-owned and -operated landscaping company that specializes in providing high-quality, competitively priced landscaping services to Murrieta, Norco, Wildomar, Temecula, Riverside, Corona, De Luz, and La Cresta homeowners and business owners. In addition to our weekly landscaping maintenance services, we also provide a wide range of other landscaping services such as irrigation installation and repairs, fertilizing, mulching, outdoor lighting installation, sod installation and reseeding, lawn aeration, and planting. These services can help you achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful landscape, whether you have a large five acre property or a business center parking lot with a unique blend of drought-resistant and architectural landscaping. With more than 20 years of experience, we're skilled experts in the care and maintenance of all types of plants, trees, and irrigation systems.


BluCrew Landscape is readily available to meet all your planting needs, from planting tropical style plants such as palms and birds of paradise to installing low-maintenance, drought-tolerant landscaping. As part of our planting service, we'll prepare the soil with fertilizer and soil amendments and ensure that you have proper irrigation. If a new irrigation system is needed, we'll put flags down to indicate where the plants will go, put in the new irrigation system, and then complete the planting. Whether we install plants in a few planters or throughout an entire yard or business park, we will always provide a three-month guarantee.

Irrigation/Sprinkler System Installation & Repair

With the ongoing drought season, it is important to have a properly installed and well-maintained irrigation system to ensure that your lawn and plants are kept sufficiently hydrated with minimal water waste. At BluCrew Landscape, we specialize in irrigation design, installation, maintenance, and repair. We can install and repair sprinklers, piping, valves, timers, wiring, and more. With our weekly maintenance service, we can inspect your irrigation system on a regular basis to make adjustments as needed and catch potential leaks early. Irrigation systems that we install are backed by our three-month guarantee: If a timer or any part of the irrigation system breaks or doesn’t work, we’ll promptly come out and replace it.

Sod/Turf Installation & Overseeding/Reseeding

BluCrew Landscape provides high-quality, competitively priced sod installation in Murrieta, Norco, Wildomar, Temecula, Riverside, Corona, De Luz, La Cresta, and surrounding cities. If there's already sod present on your lawn, we'll use a sod cutter and remove it. We then prep the soil with planting soil and rototill/cultivate it until it is loose. We also install or check the irrigation system and make the necessary adjustments before we lay down the sod. We typically use Marathon Sod I, II, or III, freshly cut and delivered early in the morning on the day we plan to lay it down. Marathon is designed to work well with Southern California's unique climate and soils, and comes with a one-year free replacement guarantee. If you aren't sure which variety of Marathon sod would be best for your needs, we can provide recommendations based upon your budget and how you want your grass to look. We also provide seeding for new lawns and reseeding or overseeding for lawns with patches. While seeding takes longer to grow, it offers a more budget-friendly option.

Lawn Aeration

Having your lawn aerated can greatly improve its water and oxygen intake, and reduce the possibility of runoff and puddles. You should consider having your lawn aerated once a year, generally in the early spring to maximize its benefits. We offer lawn aeration at competitive prices for homes and businesses in Riverside County. Lawn aeration can take about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the size of the lawn.


Mulch is a very important part of growing healthy and well-nourished plants and trees. It serves as an insulator during the hot summers and cooler winters, reduces weed growth, and can accentuate your landscape's design. We typically use wood chips in a variety of colors, such as red, black, or brown, or can use decomposing granite (DG). If we remove a tree for you, we can use our wood chipper to cut the wood into wood chips and will spread them around for you in planters and around your flowerbeds and hedges.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

The team at BluCrew Landscape installs small-voltage outdoor lighting systems to light up trees, plants, and walkways. Our outdoor lighting installation service includes design consultation, digging small trenches for the cables, connecting electrical wires and timers, and checking and adjusting all lights. We also offer outdoor lighting repairs and bulb replacements at very affordable rates.

Call BluCrew Landscape for Riverside County’s Best Value in Landscape Maintenance Services

Call us today for a free on-site consultation. We provide upfront, written detailed estimates on all of our Riverside County landscaping services and keep our prices very competitive. Because our business is dependent on positive word of mouth and repeat business, we've always prioritized customer service, hard work, reliability, professionalism, and easy communication. We are so confident in the quality of our services that we offer a free trial for those interested in our ongoing weekly landscape maintenance services.


"Thanks for coming by Omar -- I have to tell you again how impressed I am with the professionalism of your company. Lots of business could learn a thing or two from you about serving the public. The professional dress, the quality of your equipment, the demeanor of your staff -- it really inspires confidence that the work will be high quality. No reason for writing other than to give you kudos and to say that it is impressive!

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